„Let’s talk about Arctic” cont.

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Meetings

On December 1, 2023, we had an Arctic meeting entitled “Let’s talk about the Arctic”, during which we had the opportunity to listen to interesting lectures prepared by employees from the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Photo: Izabela Kotyńska-Zielińska).

Event schedule:

Beata Szymczycha welcomes guests and starts the meeting.

Dagmara Bożek “History of women in polar expeditions”.

  • Presentation of the Polarniczki project.
  • Screening of the trailer for the documentary film “Polar Girls” directed by Kuba Witek.
  • Presentation of several female polar explorers – important for the history of women in the polar regions.

Karol Kuliński “The impact of climate change on the Arctic.”

  • Global climate change.
  • Climate change in the Arctic.
  • Impact of melting glaciers and permafrost on the Arctic.

Ewa Korejwo “Research expedition of the Mosaic project (Multidisciplinary Drift Observatory for the Study of the Arctic Climate).”

  • The purpose of the MOSAiC expedition – what were the reasons for organizing the expedition.
  • Akademik Fedorov – help for Polarstern, life on the ship.
  • Field work – MOSAiC school.

Beata Szymczycha “Fresh water hidden under the sea.”

  • Freshwater hidden under the seas and oceans
  • What is the importance of incoming groundwater for seas and oceans?
  • Incoming groundwater and climate change in the Arctic.

Agata Zaborska “Delivery of pollutants to the sea from melting glaciers.”

  • Where and what kind of pollutants get into the Arctic?
  • Cryoconites in the polar regions and their role in the accumulation of atmospheric pollutants.
  • The impact of melting glaciers on the supply of pollutants.

Panel Discussion 45 min. Discussion panel and conversation with Kajetan Deja about the photo exhibition.