Cruise to the Svalbard in 2023

by | May 27, 2023 | Svalbard cruise 2023

The aim for the cruise was to track the groundwater discharge at some pre-selected locations in Svalbard (see map).

Dr. Jochen Knies from Geological Survey of Norway was the Cruise Manager.

We started ROV surveying locations in the Inner Isfjorden before we were heading south towards Hornsund. In the priority order, we focued on:

1. Multibeam survey for identification of gas leakages
2. ROV visual/video inspection of selected 3-5 seep sites and one reference station for sample selection and video mosaics
3. Sampling of, push cores, free gas (if detected)
4. Gravity coring at pre-selected locations
5. CTD sampling, different water depths (at all stations)
6. Water sampling/pumping