RAD7 Radon Detector

Nov 30, 2021 | Media

RAD7 Radon Detector – Real-time Continuous Radon Monitor with Spectral Analysis – is our new purchase. This equipment will be used for  222Rn measurements to trace submarine groundwater discharge. RAD7 was financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014–2021 (85%) and national co-financing (15%) within Basic Research Programme. The RAD7’s technology (electrostatic precipitation followed by high-resolution alpha spectrometry) is the only one that gives clear separation between the various radon progeny species (‘species idenfitication’). That allows the instrument to completely reject the counts from the lead-210 background, and also make a simultaneous, independent measurement of radon and thoron by summing counts in each of four energy windows. The DURRIDGE RAD7 technology was invented by Lee Grodzins and his PhD student Stephen Shefsky at MIT in the early 90s, and commercialised as the RAD7. Fot. Durridge https://durridge.com/